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Discussions with two Creationists. My thoughts…

Creationism vs. Evolution

I will try to keep this as short as possible…

The one thing Christians refer to constantly when confronted about the ideas contained within the theories of evolution is the bible. The holy tome, written by men infused by
the Holy Spirit. The very word of god transcribed into text for the masses to read and benefit from. A book that is by far the most misunderstood and misrepresented in all gods creation.

The Christian Bible (the old testament) is a translation of the Hebraic Torah. Or Sepher Torah – The book of the Law.
The Torah itself is a book filled with mystical imagery that blinds the uninformed and carefully hides its true nature very well. Any who have actually studied Jewish Mysticism could not have missed references or direct referrals to the “Holy Qabalah”
( http://www.geocities.com/collectumhermeticus/hermeticqabbalah.htm). It is within the texts and instructions given by the Qabalists (the highest order within the Jewish tradition) that we find the answer to the actuality of the Torah’s inception and importance. To begin to understand it one must know some of the basics concerning the ancient Hebrews calligraphy. I shall attempt to give a short and simplified explanation of the Hebrew “writing” techniques to explain why trusting “the bible as Truth” is in short, ultimately flawed.

There are twenty two letters in the Hebraic alphabet. Each letter is not only a glyph representing a sound but they are also numbers. The arrangement of the letters and numbers are as follows (this does not include the “final” letters):
1: A(letter): Aleph (name) - 01 (numerical value)
2: B: Beth – 02
3: G: Gimel - 03
4: D: Daleth - 04
5: H/E: Heh - 05
6: V: Vav - 06
7: Z: Zayin - 07
8: Ch: Cheth - 08
9: Th: Teth - 09
10: Y/I: Yod - 10
11: K: Kaph - 20
12: L: Lamed - 30
13: M: Mem – 40
14: N: Nun - 50
15: S: Samekh - 60
16: O: Ayin: - 70
17: P/PH: Peh – 80
18: Tz: Tzaddie - 90
19: Q: Quph - 100
20: R: Resh - 200
21: SH: Shin – 300
22: T: Tau – 400

The significance of this number association is only apparent when on understands that method in which the torah was written.
For example:
The name for God is YHVH (The Tetragrammaton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetragrammaton).
Refer to the letters above you will find that;
Y = 10
H = 05
V = 06
H = 05
Which when added together = 26

The Hebrew word for Love is “Ahbah” (Spelt AHBH)
A = 01
H = 05
B = 02
H = 05
Which = 13

The Hebrew word for Unity or One is “Achad” (Spelt ACHD)
A = 01
CH = 08
D = 04
Which = 13

Love and Unity equal YHVH(13 + 13 = 26)
This is a very simple display of what is called Gematria(http://www.inner.org/gematria/gematria.htm). The Qabalistc concept of mathematical and conceptual unification. All words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters can be unified - 102606 – the sum of the first chapter of Genesis. Then unified finally into a single unit.
102606 = 1 + 0 + 2 + 6 + 0 + 6 = 15
15 = 1 + 5 = 6
6 = Tiphereth upon the Tree of Life(http://www.byzant.com/kabbalah/treeoflife.asp) – The Centre, Creative and Healing aspect of God. This method was used to write the Old Testament simply because the Qabbalists believed that All Things originate from the single source (which is YHVH) Thus all concepts can be reduced, unified and returned to the source.

Now if this was not “encoding” enough the Qabbalists took this idea a step further.
A system knows as the Aiq Bekar.
Observe the following arrangements (This Includes the Finals):
Group 01
A = 01
Y/I = 10
Q =100

Group 2
B = 02
K = 20
R = 200

Group 3
G = 03
L = 30
SH = 300

Group 4
D =04
M = 40
T = 400

Group 5
H/E = 05
N = 50
Final H/E = 500

Group 6
V = 06
S = 60
Final S = 600

Group 7
Z = 07
O = 70
Final Z = 700

Group 8
CH = 08
P/PH = 80
Final P/PH = 800

Group 9
TH = 09
Tz = 90
Final Tz = 900

The “Aiq Bekar” or “Qabalah of Nine Chambers”(A division of Temurah, Esoteric Cryptography) is another system of coding the Hebrew alphabet. This system does indeed add further complexities unto the biblical texts of the Torah, for here any letter of the same group, e.g.: A, Y and Q, may be substituted with another of its group. For example: the Hebrew word for “Light” is Aur (AVR). But now if we incorporate the theory of the Aiq Bekar, Aur or light can also be written so YSK or QVB.

Each time the letters change so dose the numerical value of the word, e.g.:
AVR= 1+6+200=207
YSK= 10+60+20=90
QVB= 100+6+2=108

With all this information in mind we can clearly perceive that to translate the Torah coherently into any other language seems ludicrous. The translation itself would only be the superficial mysteries constructed for the blind follower. In my opinion this system of numerical correspondences has a very significant purpose which has been conveniently ignored and grossly misunderstood.

This is simply one method that illustrates how the “Bible” cannot be relied upon as “literal truth” nor as “the literal word of God”. We must therefore reassess the Creationists “proofs” for any and all their augments that end with “because it is in the bible”. As what the Bible is translated from is far from what it seems.
In fact where does that leave creationism?
I believe the saying is “Without a leg to stand on” as all their proofs eventually end with “because it is in the bible”…simply because Creationism arose due to the existence of the bible and what it professes to be true.

Then there is of course the question of dinosaurs…We all know that dinosaurs existed. One may visit any self respecting natural history museum and touch their very bones. Let us even for a moment forget dating the era in which they lived, if the world is in fact only + -6000 years old it would mean that modern men and dinosaurs roamed the earth together at some point. To quote Bill Hicks (from memory) “you think they might have mentioned 24 foot lizards in the bible”…Hell I don’t care who you are…seeing one of them has to be a rather memorable experience. Especially if one proceeded to eat your family which is the logical extrapolation for living at the same time as them! (Perhaps these were the Nephilim? ;)

This brings me neatly to the theory of evolution…how can a human evolve from a single celled organism?
Simply observe the process and growth of a human baby. From a single cell into “Bob”, with all his life and career issues. http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0007836.html
It is thus a reasonable assumption that this could occur on a much grander scale. This assumption is also one of tangible extrapolation…one that due to fossil records (regardless of time factors) can in several species be seen to alter and evolve. The existence of a god however and “his” involvement in the process of creation is one of complete faith. There is nothing to look at…nothing to basis it on (“Those who are awake live in the same world. Those who are asleep live in their own worlds.” – Heraclitus) but the second hand personal experiences of men and their desperate attempts to explain something that is larger than themselves. Something that they feel so deeply, something they are driven to express yet which they clearly do not understand.
I accept fully that biological evolution itself is a theory and is constantly being proven to be incomplete, but it is a theory that at least has some form of solid foundation in humanities shared reality rather than one that has no basis other than an individuals psychological need for a parental archetype that shelters them from their own misdirection’s and galactic insignificance.

To Conclude:
The Bible cannot be relied upon as literal truth as it was written in a Mystical, “Alchemical” and Archetypal context. (I will affirm that it does indeed contain wisdom)

Evolution is a constant and daily occurrence caused by environmental and organism interaction whose effects can only be witnessed in geological eras.

The concept of God is a constant and daily comfort whose effect on people can be witnessed within the now.

It is easy to discard the possibility of evolution if one cannot live beyond a mere hundred thousand years to see the effects of nature on man. (Or even man on man, man on nature…this is still evolution.)

Thus I deduce that God and creationism, in their literal context, is a “quick fix” for frightened individuals who cannot accept that we are indeed “born of primates” and are alone in this vast and beautiful Multiverse…and simply because our origins are animal does in no way undermine nor trivialize spirituality for humanity as Christians imply. On the contrary, for me these ideas offer a greater insight into myself and my perception of what I understand the “divine” to be.

But…with all this said…Each to their own!
These are just opinions off the top of my head…

D Kruger
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