evolutionist (ex_evolutio) wrote in descendantscain,

The most important choices are always the toughest…

Greetings to all…
For many unfortunate reasons of a practical nature I have decided, for the time being, to dissolve the current live incarnation for Descendants of Cain. My thanks to Iain, Steve, Kim, Luc and Chris, for all your tremendous efforts. As am I exceedingly grateful to your understanding of these reasons. I was humbled by the dedication and commitment you put in. It has been an honor to work with such fine people and talented musicians.

So for now, playing live is back on the proverbial shelf till other developments have taken their course, placing us in a better position to return to the stage. I am still planning to release the next two albums but as to when, much to my dismay, I cannot say. I am sorry to all fans and people who were eagerly awaiting something to happen…but I must do what I must to make sure when you get it…you get the best I have to offer in all facets of this project.
Thank you for your continued support.
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