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A community for the band Descendants of Cain

Descendants of Cain
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The Present:

Descendants of Cain is currently the solo project of Darryl Kruger.

For the last year and a half he has been writing and recording DoC’s third album entitled Yetzirah -The Balance of Disharmonies which is due for release next year.

The Past:

Descendants of Cain are a London-based UK band: Darryl Kruger (voice, guitar, programming); Philippa Moore (keyboards, programming); Iain Smith (guitar, support voice, programming); Judy Smit (lighting and effects); Hosanna Mohol - Perschky (sound engineer); John Goodwin (management and promotion).

The music is guitar, synth, drum machine & sampler based; drums & samples are pre-programmed by the band and sequenced using MIDI.

In 1998 Darryl and Philippa uprooted themselves from their native soil, and armed with little more than their instruments and a suitcase of songs, set off for London to seek their fortunes and make their mark on the music world. A fateful meeting with kindred spirit Iain Smith resulted in the birth of DOC. With production / management & sound engineering being handled by Shane Seagreen, a well-received debut performance at the Camden Underworld supporting Incubus Succubus was followed by almost a year of hard work, the result of which was the self-financed first album, ATzILUTH.

A monthly residency at Club Tenebrae (London) - which was to last almost two years - gave the band a chance to develop a solid live performance and build a loyal fan base, and afforded a valuable opportunity to begin experimenting with the live shows - this involved building a lighting and effects rig to create a visually striking physical atmosphere to complement the already atmospheric and illuminated sound.

With new sound engineer Hosanna on board, 2001 was a year of development involving the adoption of more sophisticated recording & production techniques, and included gigs alongside Inkubus Sukkubus, The Cruxshadows, Faces of Sarah, Star Industry, This Burning Effigy, Passion Play and a host of other bands. The release of numerous promotional cd's began earning DOC rave reviews and recognition worldwide for their versatility, passion and original sound.

2002 saw a return to the studio for the recording and production of a second album Briah: Of Man and Magician, released on December 9th. Live shows were staged around the UK featuring songs from Briah as well as new songs which will form the basis of the third album.

"By all accounts, this band is steadily and surely going to work its way to the top."
Starvox Magazine

"It's that voice of the singer - it's distinctive. It makes you stop and listen."
Hard Wired

"…they have cast aside the withering pretensions of many of their peers, whilst retaining sincerity about their music that is evident from the first hearing."
Classical Gothic